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With the release of client version 4.0 I might as well go all out! So I've noticed not a lot of people get on. (Bummer), But I have made somewhat of a solution. Is there an item your friend has that you really want but just cant find the time to play when they do? That's ok because I indroduced the "Trading Post" kind of like the Grand Exchange but from person to person. How do you use the trading post might you ask? well that's easy just Right Click on any bank booth and you have access to the trading post. Happy Scaping!


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Please download the final client!


Thank you so much for all your patience, I've literally been working on this for 2 days and been so antsy to get it done!


A smaller download with a bigger punch! Small improvement on load times and game speeds, Took out all the unnecessary files and clutter that caused the client to bog down. And most importantly, A client and cache auto Updater! One client download and that's it, any other updates will be automatically be implemented to your client by just opening it! Thank you all for patience and I hope you are as excited as I am about this!

Oh. and I added Old School HD, ... Read more »

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