Friday, 2019-07-19, 6:16 PM

Hello everyone,

I have been working on a server for a little bit now and I am proud to announce ReaperScape will be going in the direction of a 2006 server! What does that mean? Well, for a developer standpoint it means I get to stop playing catch up with OSRS. It's not that we didn't love doing that, it just means theoretically if were stuck in time like 2006, we get to stop playing catch up. What's In the game is what it's going to be. That is by no mean a bad thing... What that means is if were stuck in that Era, we can further improve bugs and make the best 06 server out there! Now, that doesn't mean I wont be adding features, which will happen! As far as raw content like adding a Scythe of Vitur, Infernal cape, etc. It will not happen. Though it is an 06 Server I have added skill capes to still show accomplishments in that skill you grinded so hard to get! Be prepared fo ... Read more »

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With the release of client version 4.0 I might as well go all out! So I've noticed not a lot of people get on. (Bummer), But I have made somewhat of a solution. Is there an item your friend has that you really want but just cant find the time to play when they do? That's ok because I indroduced the "Trading Post" kind of like the Grand Exchange but from person to person. How do you use the trading post might you ask? well that's easy just Right Click on any bank booth and you have access to the trading post. Happy Scaping!


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